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Lake Tahoe

Info coming soon

This is our backyard so no one knows Lake Tahoe better than us!

Jeep Adventures,  Golf Tournaments, Bachelor/ Bachelorette Parties, Snowmobiling, Mountain Biking and we can even perform Wedding Ceremonies!


Info coming soon

New African Adventures are currently being developed with our partner company, Fish Eagle Safaris.
Stay tuned for updates.

Costa Rica

Info coming soon

Pura Vida!  "Pure Life".  It is the national motto of Costa Rica and after you visit Costa Rica, you wll understand it's full meaning.  We have partnered with Desafio to bring you a buffet of adventures to choose from.  Add the abundance of wild life, stunning views, and graciously warm people
and you have the adventure of a lifetime.


Info coming soon

Why view wildlife through binoculars, when you can experience the excitement of Grizzlies feasting on salmon less than 50 yards away.  Our Alaska Adventures rivals our African Adventure at half the price.  Trust us, this is no typical Alaskan Cruise!


Witness one of Yosemite's rarest phenomena - Horsetail Fire Falls.

This occurs for only 2 weeks in February and there has to be enough water, a clear sunset, and even then it occurs for only 6 minutes.


Info coming soon

Thailand seems to have it all.  

 - Exotic views of crystal clear water and green mountains

 - Friendly people rich in customs

 - Incredible food

 - Great value for the money

Think of Hawaii on steroids and you have Thailand!​


Info coming soon

Rich in history with iconic sites that will leave you in bewilderment.  Egypt is probably the most misunderstood adventure we offer and one of our very favorite places to visit.  We work with a local guide who is one of the few with a doctoral degree in Egyptology.  Our tour offers sites
and experiences we cannot mention on our website.  

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