So who is Johnny G?

Johnny G represents Adventure.  Not extreme adventure, just Adventure.

Starting in the late '70's, Johnny began organizing tours which always ended in some sort of crazy situation.  Soon, his friends started referring to his events as "adventures" and eventually his passion became Johnny G Adventures.

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But in Johnny's mind, he is... 

So what is Johnny G Adventures?
Johnny G Adventures finds and creates unique adventures to take "vacations" to a whole new level and turns ordinary events into outlandish adventures.  We only have two rules:
 1 - It has to be unique.
 2 - It has to be fun.
Browse through our website for pre-planned adventures or contact us to create your own unique adventure.
 Our Misssion Statement


"To have as much fun in life as possible,
and to make sure everyone else
has just as much fun!

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