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Jazz Fest 2021
Jazz Fest 2021

Prime seating
Prime seating

Catch and release wild gators
Catch and release wild gators

Jazz Fest 2021
Jazz Fest 2021


Jazz Fest New Orleans

October 7-12 and/or October 13-18

Most people think Jazz Fest is only about jazz music.  It is not just jazz.  It is almost every genre you can imagine.  Take a look at previous year's header acts: 
The Who, Dead and Company, Stevie Nicks, Foo Fighters, The Black Crowes, Lizzo, Kool and the GangLionel Richie, Lenny Kravitz, The Beach Boys, and Norah Jones.  In addition to those big name artists, it also had a plethora of other artists ranging from Zydeco, Gospel, Blues, and of course, Jazz.

The layout is 12 stages with close to 70 artists rotating throughout the day scattered across the huge New Orleans Fairgrounds.  It is general admission so you wander from stage to stage as you please.  Some stages have open seats, some are standing room, and most have plenty of grass space to lay down and just soak in the music.  It is the best music layout in the U.S.! 

So how does Johnny G Adventures take a great set up and make it even better?  We have VIP Passes  that give us entry into several private tents for beverages, snacks, and tables to savor the best food in the world with minimal crowds.  We also enter via private entrances and given exclusive In/out privileges, although I am not sure why anyone would want to leave.  Tired? Take a nap on the lawn.  Hungry?  The food is simply the best. Why leave?


Jazz Fest happens over two weekends, typically the months to visit New Orleans.  Our adventure covers both weekends and you can either pick one of two weekends or both.  


Hotels sell out fast and airfare jumps immediately after the lineup is announced.  This year was pushed to October which was actually GREAT news for us.  The day they announced the dates, I immediately booked hotels at phenomenal rates.  The very next day, rates tripled and almost all are now sold out.

Wait!  There is more!

In addition to Jazz Fest, Johnny G Adventures adds a private tour to the bayou swamps on our own private airboat to get up close and personal with gators, snakes, turtles, egrets, and nutria.  The best part, is these animals are not imprisoned in cages.  They are free, wild, and in their nature for us to annoy.  Even better, we will be closer to these animals than you will ever get in a disgusting zoo.  

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Swamp Tour Airboat

Our Bayou Swamp Tour

Gator Wrangler

Gator Wrangler

But still the day isn't over!

After our swamp tour, we head across the world's longest bridge (24 miles (bucket list)) to the Global Wildlife Center which is which one of the largest totally free-roaming 900 acre wildlife preserve of its kind in the country! It is home to over 1,000 exotic, endangered, and threatened animals from all over the world.  Most importantly, they roam free and they will come to us in our private tractor trailer to feed them.  It is an incredible experience and I go there every time I visit New Orleans.  Again, you will never experience this in a zoo.

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I honestly believe this is the best tour in all of New Orleans.  Between the private bayou airboat and tractor, I know you will come home with photos you will treasure and be the envy of anyone who says, "Oh I have been to New Orleans".  Yeah, maybe so...but not in Johnny G Adventures style!

Weekend 1 - Oct. 7 - 12, 2021

October 7, Thurs: Arrivals into New Orleans

October 8-10, Fri, Sat, and Sun: Jazz Fest during the day. French Quarter by night

October 11, Monday:  Private tour to experience wild alligators in the Bayou followed by a private tour of the Global Wildlife Center

October 12, Tuesday: Departures



Weekend 2 - Oct. 13 - 18, 2021


October 13, Weds: Arrivals into New Orleans

October 14, Thurs: Private tour to experience wild animals in the Bayou followed by a private tour of the Global Wildlife Center. 

October 15-17, Fri, Sat, and Sun: Jazz Fest during the day. New Orleans by night

October 18, Monday: Departures

(Subject to change daily)

Two packages to suit your preference. (Air is not included in either package and prices are for ONE weekend. Contact me for both weekends pricing) 

 Option 1 - VIP Jazz Fest Pass, Lodging, and Tour:  $1,100 p/person double occupancy.
($1,445 single occupancy)

  • VIP Tickets for all 4 days of each Jazz Fest weekend.  VIP Pass gives us regular ticket admittance, PLUS:

    • VIP entrance gate

    • Access to VIP Tent Hospitality which offers private bathrooms, tables, chairs, shade, fruit, and iced coffee.

    • Same-day In/Out privileges.

    • Free Wi-Fi and device recharging stations.

  • 6 nights lodging in the heart of the French Quarter​.

  • Airboat Gator Swamp tour aboard are our own private Airboat.

  • Global Wildlife Center in our own private 4WD to get as close as you could possibly imagine to hundreds of wild animals.  See Slideshow above.

  • Private transportation from hotel, to the Swamp Tour and Global Wildlife Center.

 Option 2 - VIP Jazz Fest Pass, and Tour:  $590 per person either weekend

  • VIP Tickets for all 4 days of each Jazz Fest weekend. (See above description)

  • Private Airboat Gator Swamp tour and Global Wildlife Center tour


Reserve Now!

Choose your Package:

  1. Weekend One VIP Tix, Lodging, Tour

  2. Weekend Two VIP Tix, Lodging, Tour

  3. Weekend One VIP Tix, Tour, no Lodging

  4. Weekend Two VIP Tix, Tour, no Lodging

* VIP Passes are non refundable to us thus we cannot offer any refunds beyond the Tour​.

* If we cannot fill both weekend VIP passes, we may not be able to offer VIP passes for the other weekend.  This will be explained more clearly upon booking.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • The Official FAQs link:

  • What is Jazz Fest - As mentioned, Jazz Fest is a unique event mixing a wide variety of music, culture, and the incredible atmosphere of the "Big Easy".  There is NO PLACE like New Orleans and to leave this earth without experiencing New Orleans is a loss in life's enjoyments. Our adventure will not only include Jazz Fest, but the best parts of New Orleans as well.

  • Which Jazz Fest weekend is the best to attend- ​The only deciding factor in our opinion is the lineup.  Both weekends would be best. 

  • What is the weather like - April and May are the best seasons to visit New Orleans, but that does not guarantee a rain free weekend.  Average for the weekend is 73 degrees, ranging from 65 to 80 degrees. 

  • Who is this adventure leader, Johnny G - Johnny G has been to New Orleans dozens of times and with the help of several local friends, will give you a taste of the local version of the Big Easy!  

  • Why should I book through Johnny G Adventures - If you ask this question, you have never been on a Johnny G Adventure !  Our tours are "adventures" and they are unlike what any other tour operator can offer at ANY price!  We try to make everthing private and avoid the public crowds.  As boastful as it sounds, no one is as FUN as we are.  End of story. 
    Once you have experienced a Johnny G Adventure, you will never ask this silly question again.


  • What can I bring and not bring into Jazz Fest - See Official FAQs: . I would suggest a small ground blanket.  Weather will dictate the rest.

  • Do I have to do the side tours - Our goal at Johnny G Adventures is to bring the best experience to our customers. If you do not trust our advice, we suggest booking your own tour and we will have no hard feelings.  So if you think we will disappoint you, book your own typical tour on your own.  LOL.

  • Are kids allowed?  Anyone is welcome to join us.  Please understand that Bourbon Street is known for it's debauchery.  The fest itself is fine as is our tours,  Let your morals dictate if you bring kids onto Bourbon Street.  

  • Okay, how do locals pronounce New Orleans - "New OR-lins," or some say with four syllables: "New AHL-lee-ins.  But please do NOT to pronounce it "NAW-lins," which many tourons say or "New Or-LEENZ".  Ugh.

  • Payments accepted - We accept US Checks, PayPal, Venmo, American Express, Mastercard, and Visa.

  • What if I have more questions?  Contact us and we will answer as best we can.