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Tahoe Driving Academy



Lake Tahoe, CA

California DMV Certified

First Time Drivers

For those looking to get their Driver's License for the first time, this is for you!

We utilize EZ Way Driving School to ensure you get your license quickly, safely, and confidently.

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Winter Driving Skills

If you live or frequent the snow and ice,
learn how to drive safely in dangerous conditions.


Tahoe Driving Academy will teach you how to maintain control of your car in less than desirable conditions.


Off-Road 4x4 Skills

Get the most fun out of your 4x4!

If you have a Jeep, Landcruiser, Bronco, or Truck,

let us enhance your the skills to enjoy the thrill of off-roading.


Beginner, Intermediate,

and Advanced courses available.

Emergency Roadside

If you, your spouse, or child's car broke down on the 
side of the road, do you really want to wait for roadside service?

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Learn how to change a flat, jump a battery, and basic roadside service.

Tahoe Driving Academy is a division of Johnny G Adventures and partnered with EZ Way Driving School